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tv   [untitled]    September 2, 2012 8:37am-9:07am EDT

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out and obama as the steward of the empire can't say that and so he also said well i gradually gradually to get out gradually to get. but that's different from getting out now which was what even though gingrich search on a different note related to domestic politics i want to ask you about the occupy wall street movement and where you think it's heading these people took to the streets to protest the culture of revolving doors in washington a cozy relationship between corporations and politicians of a limited contributions to political campaigns which we see as legalized corruption do you think their voices were heard. in the general defiantly diffuse cultural sense i don't think. that. wall street banks to us are cultural heroes anymore the way that they were the way that they used to be in
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terms of policy making what in terms of policy making probably not. with this administration so far but there was a backlash the took create a forum and that went to a kind of awakening kind of consciousness raising and where that goes now as the spring is coming and the new forms of struggle are likely to emerge and how that will interact with the political campaign which he has to respond to that which i mean fortunately of the union address for example he would say that you know there is a need to keep the last reading chair that it needs to be better regulated so you don't say all those words you can say you can say that and then he can go right out and not keep wall street and soon americans will face a choice between mitt romney most possibly and obama candidates from two parties democrat and republican you wrote that romney's and i quote here awfulness will win
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the election for the democrats i want to ask you about the two party system and the two horse race studied established effectively do you think americans. have that much of a choice when electing a president it's sort of like. coke and pepsi and the level of antagonism that out of the exists in the places where those things are manufactured and marketed at the level of underlying political vision or underlying political orientation there isn't that much difference and romney would probably be perfectly happy doing what obama does we have a media which is so thoroughly controlled and all the institutions that manufacture opinion are so pervasive and our electoral system has become basically if i can advertising it's become a sales promotions there are brands and there are people trying to sell different products one of two products. and it's. a pressure
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that's not all it's not so much of the pressure that's hard to resist it's a pressure that most people or most people aren't even aware that there is an alternative and can't be measured but i wanted to ask is there a chance for third product to somehow get into this well historically that only seems to happen to some small extent when the third party product is backed by a huge amount of money when ross perot was running for president and. the greens can't do that and they're not going to have one thousand nine hundred two very that was in one thousand nine hundred ninety two you know according to. one of the latest gallup polls a record number of americans forty percent of americans identify themselves as independents and never happened and they don't have their candidate. effectively rope we have a very profound disconnect between what people want in any
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recognized meaningful and recognizable sense of the term and what the political process offers in the way of war of alternatives by the way that the party system has evolved especially in recent years that makes it. an buy it. indefensible jurisprudence which has made it increasingly possible for. corporations and for very rich people effect of lead to control the political process and under those circumstances it doesn't matter that much what people want or even that much how involved people are thank you very much thank you dr living ok thank you.
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download the official publication so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites. t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device to watch on t.v. any time. i had a family i lived in a fairly nice community it wasn't rich it was an upscale it was just like you know archie bunker's society ok then they started showing up here what happened was my company decided i could get cheap labor and they got rid of. the eaglets love legally we have to get up every morning we have to go to work and you know we have to pay our bills and we have to do it and that's just the american
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dream and if you want the american dream you have to go by the last i figure is here's one. that states. i watch and they run run down my property and about this noise. from coming over the wire is protecting the country i'm the kind of guy who doesn't mind goodness pay and sturdy so i come out here you know we're all immigrants as well that we all here are some sort. routs. morning news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. the giant corporations are all today.
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if. you. want. if. the russians would be so much brighter than if you knew more about songs from phones to crash it's. nice
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friends don't talk t.v. don't come. one week's top stories on our turkey's stab at military intervention in syria gets the cold shoulder with the new u.n. peace envoy arguing any such interference with make a cease fire impossible. a course of support for iran's peaceful nuclear program as the country destroys any notion it's been politically isolated i think the u.s. with its hosting of a massive international song like. the republicans freshly nominated presidential candidate mitt romney promises a hardline stance against russia but faces criticism for flip flopping on major issues. and the war of the well thing. successfully beats back
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illegal attempts by london based tried buddies fitted salty to cut off a slice of his multibillion dollar fortune. or news in fifteen minutes up next it's sports with kate. hello welcome to the latest court on an action packed sunday and the headlines. fighting form a producer makes it to interiors tesco would want to like cross a dog to go with it appoint a top spot in the russian premier league. while sparkling jenson button stars from pole for the first time in three years as the belgian grand prix gets underway this fall and there was a pileup on lap one. and going for three to williams hours passed rushing to qatar in a car about on a good day for the top seeds at the u.s. open. but first a football and says overcame their shoka midweek europa league exit by bouncing
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back to win one you like to keep up the pressure on the top two in the russian premier league only out teenage when the akhmed looses scored his secondly go in as many games to ensure and then it's no excuse side stays within a point of the meet and rush of them of a city but as its key provided in this one and the army men have now won their last four much is to keep up the pressure on the joint lead is. what i must know what to do not taking on two bands before komisarek not entertain she doesn't want to do spots like in the capitals of eight for us out of their interest continues their remarkable start to the season going joint top with the need after a two one win it rubin is he killed in dallas old put the visitors ahead thirty minutes in the chance strike at net fourteen on a pinpoint cross from the shelf did find an equaliser midway through the second half salomon wrong done with the finish but it's not a mathematician snatch the winner in the dying minutes to put to wreck level on
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points with disney's rubinstein force and those that had saw the tory party sent off after too late booking. well. alexei's of a gulf struck struck the lights on to help ten month old salvage a one one draw at home to rough stuff like i'm glad not to open for the visitors early on was to capitalizing on a defensive slip up. but the bosnian was denied a double missing penalty. sometimes. to give up such a good level from a set piece with three minutes to go. second both to two points behind their stuff . and in the last game on saturday a lot here came back to draw one wanted time to call in their mid table battle how the if you could have told it should have struck for this doesn't light in the first half because it was too but the mash riskin levelled with
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a header of his own with twenty minutes to go. on. the line he had ten. well everything liverpool hosting also in the first of three top flight games with both sides looking for their first victory of the season liverpool have handed a debut to almost realm of midfield at new south also off hoping to score their first goal of the campaign the lights are newcastle and today it's aston villa who have lost their two games and so explosive celebrates his one hundredth premier league game in charge of manchester united with a trip to promote at southampton. told us last night west brom with a third of the two know when it's time to everton ten miles one of the twice full back to door to two ahead of the sunderland states second on yet to win a league game under us after they conceded equaliser of the north one wants the result andy carroll such a two goal before going off injured as west ham seek full of three nil in the london derby political action that is the level in stage two two draw at wigan
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while champions manchester city are up to full south and unconvincing three one when it had to q.p.r. and they admit stalling for improvement. would not. be in terms of performances at this moment in time but we do like this problem start by the point stall that would go on the table its problems start by the fact that we scoring goals. we'd like to keep clean sheets we haven't done that we. probably paid the penalty today for not killing the game off. formula one now and the race is underway at the belgian grand prix where mcclaren is jenson button started on pole for the first time in three years he was fast as in qualifying at the spar circuit and the britain is leading the race with the driver's fast approaching the half way stage but a lot of big names have crashed that including standing very different on the lawn so the spaniard will finish a race outside the points for the first time this season lewis hamilton pastor maldonado sergio perez and roman road shop also out after a pileup on the first lap. right on to tennis now and it was sweet revenge for
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serena williams as the fourth seed beat russia's you've got that in a car but to reach the fourth round of the u.s. open mccarville is ranked forty second in the world have not the american after the australian open but williams made sure there wasn't going to be a repeat beating the left six four six love to reach the last sixteen the thirty year old will next play and see the czech and there. will be another russian military i. was there. last. but again i did not want that to happen so i. went there learned something i don't know i really watching that is that. i'm punishing myself. and i didn't. want meanwhile second seed agnieszka around scores also into round for the polish star overcame a lady i could beat in a scrappy match that saw nine breaks of serve six three seven five was a score that will next play italy's reverse of in chief. on one play in
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a rich vein of form and drink however the german reached the summit finals at wimbledon earlier this summer and this time sealed a straight set win all go of it so from that every. one of the men's draw roger federer needed just two hours to get past the mando vasco a no nonsense straight certain win for the top seed as the swiss maintains his front program forty six title. and the man who beat federer to take gold at the olympics andy murray is also through although he needed almost twice as long to defeat anything on a low five despite having beaten him six times before very labored to an eventual four set victory. athletics now defending champion oscar pistorius to set a new world record in the two hundred meters at the paralympics in england the south african who also competed at the london olympic shaved more than half a second off the previous best this initiative in a time of twenty one point three seconds and the paralympics sprinter is also defending his one hundred and four hundred meter titles and his new two hundred
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meter mark is one of many records that has been set at these games raising the question how much of his progress the future improvements in technology and how much is spent in that truth ability with more on that from london is from cars right. south africa's oscar pistorius is arguably the most famous paralympian in the world the sprinter became the first man in history to participate in both events of the summer games following his exams at the site so earlier this summer pistorius is achievements has prompted debates whether paralympians good suit outperform their able bodied counterparts as the purse that sixty knology advances each year. stickpin takes care of the russian paralympic team's prosthetic limb stock and contrary to the critics he believes that technology has little to do with the actual improvements of results. of course the manufacturers of all this equipment are competing between each other always trying to improve something but i
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want to stress it's in the end everything depends on the athletes and then mooney represents the african nation of ghana the paralympics has come a long way in sport starting with the amputee football at home and now road cycling in london and he probably knows better than anyone that state of the art technology comes a distant second to strength of character. has all their best technology implement always been modified. and athlete. is not able to put a force it will. never succeed or be the best athlete so it it's all about. determination does it play in integrity in the. churchyard intelligence given back. and we need oscar pistorius prove to his fellow athletes with disabilities that competing at the able bodied the olympics is not an unachievable dream naturally they cannot do without
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artificial limbs but one thing's certain paralympians are the driving force behind the advancement of person as a product. so what's in store for the future of technology for people with disabilities are we ever going to see a so-called blade runner to the one hundred meters faster than the same bolt well the answer to that is still not sure prosthetics manufacturers have already made a huge technological leap in large part thanks to the efforts and courage of paralympic athlete ramon coffer of artsy london. and finally on the first weekend in september the russian capital celebrates moscow day with fun and entertainment across the city however this year muscovites have the chance to witness a slightly more extreme show as michael christian explains. at this year's moscow day celebrations muscovites and the city's guests which treated to an impromptu performance by russia's top just drivers fans were allowed to get up close and
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personal as the drivers convened in moscow's famous luzhniki sports complex to show off their skills. we're very happy that we're being invited to such events because it brings our sports to the masses many don't know what drifting is on the boats and often associated with illegal activities but there's nothing like that so it's fast beautiful and a lot of fun. for many of us the notion of ripping up asphalt with a total powered speed machine is consigned to video games where hitting restarts can become a habit switch to reality and one realizes the adrenaline and danger that comes with maneuvering between concrete blocks at high speeds it's also a down memory lane for the drivers being able to burn rubber on what is otherwise just a simple car park. what with most if not all just competitions held in large arenas nowadays. it's great to be back in such a course because now we compete on very wise areas without concrete walls or the
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like and also spectators are often far removed from the action but i'm all for more old school venues where spectators can literally feel the adrenaline rush it's also a mini preparation for the upcoming russian just final which will be held on the eighth and ninth of september right here in moscow so even though some drivers may well be keeping an eye on that event today it was all about showboating and having fun. moscow that's all this was there's.
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sigrid laboratory to mccurry was to build an age most sophisticated riddled with the deeply doesn't give a darn about anything mission to teach music reason why it should care about humans in. this is why you should care only.
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the week's top stories on our t. turkey stab at military intervention in syria gets the cold shoulder as rebels declare civilian airports their latest target warning international flights to stay away. a chorus of support for iran's peaceful nuclear program as the country destroys any notion it's been politically isolated by the u.s. but it's hosting a massive international summit. the republicans this freshly nominated presidential candidate mitt romney promises a hard line stance against russia but faces criticism for flip flopping on major issues. and the war of the wealthy but imo which
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successfully beats bad legal attempts by a london based bodies because of ski cut off a slice of his multimillion dollar fortune. hello and welcome to our tease the weekly i'm karen to. broadcasting from our studio in moscow where it is five o'clock well the most open push out for military intervention in syria came this week proposed by turkey with backing from both britain and france have proposed the u.n. establishment of refugee camps on syrian soil which would be guarded aren't protected by foreign forces you know. the idea hit a dead and the security council with russia and china stand against any further
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interference but britain france remains determined and saying they might sidestep the un altogether and that according to brian becker from the anti-war answer coalition would be like a return to the past. if the united states and france and britain consider the united nations to be nothing other than their plaything a fig leaf for their own foreign policy yes they're very disappointed in russia and china for quote weakening the un but if the un is actually to be a voice for peace. a method an instrument to avoid war in the scourge of war to avoid the ravages of colonialism as it has pretended to be at least in the past just it's very odd and ironic in fact completely hypocritical to have the french government saying to the syrian opposition you form a government and we'll recognize you i mean that's just a script from the good old days when the colonial powers operated through proxies so it will be they those who control the monopoly of violence that is the nato
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powers themselves who will be the ultimate determine or of what the character is of this new so-called opposition government or what they will declare to be the legitimate government of the syrian people the rebel fighters say the foreign powers coming in and the stablish in a no fly zone over syria would significantly help them in their fight against assad's government but in the meantime they promise to expand their own offensive. and they knew about ground or civilian airports with the free syrian army warning airlines to avoid damascus and aleppo they say planes arriving at those two locations are part of an alleged arms smuggling network for the government it's feared any aircraft landing there civilian or not could now be a target for the free syrian army but that's not the only tactic employed by the rebels that's raising serious questions as archie's lucy coffin of reports it was
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another disturbing example of the many atrocities committed throughout the syrian war a truck bomb with homemade explosives headed for a checkpoint to the entrance of syria's largest city. you know love what i do but the men that are loading it aren't assad forces they're one of the many groups fighting under the banner of the free syrian army and their captive is said to be a member of the should be a militia with a very close ties to the government the video filmed by the new york times and turn into an on air segment by the b.b.c. captured about human rights groups called evidence of an attempted murder a potential war crime under international law review of rebels from the free syrian army trying to use a prisoner as an unwitting suicide bomber in their attacks on government forces now the cameras didn't follow the prisoner who had no idea that while being blindfolded he was actually embarking on a suicide mission he simply thought that he was being given his freedom the very next morning he was said to have a scaped after the bombs failed to detonate and the b.b.c. had aired the story on august twenty second but this glimpse into the darker side
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of some of the tactics now being used in the uprising never aired again the story was also pulled from the b.b.c. website the network told me that this was due to copyright issues and this very video raises the question about whether such tactics may be more widespread among the opposition than what has been previously documented they have yet to draw the same level of scrutiny as the crimes committed by the government were taliban in syria is met with more whether by the government or the rebels the violence seems to be the name of the game and he further shatters the prospects for peace agreement reality for the civilians caught in this bitter war. for r.t. in moscow. meanwhile syria's neighbors are feeling the heat of the long run our next hour we're more on how solid friendly jordan out of self between a rock and a hard place with a never ending stream of refugees from one side and arms smuggling from the other.
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also weighing in on the syria situation is wiki leaks with julian assange promising to publish millions of e-mails showing just how comfortable the west used to be with assad and why the media is so intent on vilifying him in his first interview since he was granted asylum but ecuador he criticized washington's harassment took wiki leaks he said speaking the truth wasn't harmful unlike america's actions in iraq and afghanistan some of which his website help expose helped to expose solid also talked about a transnational surveillance ampyra that he says is quickly taking shape across the developed world it was a lower sided internet giants such as google as being complicit in a mammoth spying operation by the united states paul within from the u.k. independence party says the issues wiki leaks brings up are extremely relevant. we hear it.


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